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Jun. 14th, 2012




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Sep. 13th, 2009


Seth Rogen!

Comment and I'll give you a person. Find a picture of that person for each category. Post the results in your journal.

missdeep gave me the following meme with the topic Seth Rogen. Lucky meeeee!

Seth Rogen: The People's CrushCollapse )

May. 14th, 2009


I found my husband.

I think I need some alone timeCollapse )

Work is going well, I am getting pretty good at selling and just bought my first DSLR - a Canon 40D, and it is superb. I'm having a lot of fun with it already and finding photography addictive.

I haven't seen Mitch much this month because he has had exams, but going to make up for it this weekend. I miss him more and more and I'm not sure that's going to get me anywhere in the end - it's one of those things where we will have to wait and see where life takes us. How agonizing.

I am writing and need to write more. I need to go to the gym which I may do right now. More to come.

Apr. 26th, 2009


I wish my girlfriend was hot like Bea.

RIP Bea Arthur.

I am so saddened to hear she died. My Grandmother and I just loved her, we watched The Golden Girls and Maude for hours and she was always our favourite. She apparently had cancer and didn't tell anyone but close family, just like Grandma did. I hope they found each other on the other side and are now talking about ex-husbands.

I wish I'd posted the letter I wrote her...she's one of my biggest comedy influences and did so much for women in comedy. Why do people have to get old and die?

Apr. 8th, 2009


Why yes

...I am downloading the best of Spandau Ballet, what of it?

I really love my new job. And the people I work with. And the fact I get paid well to be in a nice job. Am waiting for the pinch.

Feb. 22nd, 2009





Feb. 11th, 2009



Ok, so about twenty minutes ago we experienced a torrential downpour of rain which really tested the house made of pudding and paddle pop sticks in which I live. The roof started leaking in several places and even after shutting all the windows, water poured through the seals. The (tiled) kitchen is all wet, but that's no biggie, but some spots on the carpet have received a beating. My housemate is away on a business trip, so I give him a call:

Me: Hi Doug, the house is flooding!

Doug: Oh my god, flooding? What's going on? You ok?

Me: Yeah, but the roof is leaking and the rain is really heavy. Do you have our landlord's number?

Doug: Should you call him now? It's pretty late.

Me: Yeah, but the house is getting kinda saturated.

Doug: Is any of our stuff wet?

Me: The kettle got wet but I wiped it down. Nothing else.

Doug: Oh, well...um...

Me: The house will dry out, but it might stink.

Doug: Didn't it stink before?

Me: Yeah.

Doug: Should we care about this any further?

Me: I dunno...I'm tired.

Doug: Same.

Me: Oh well, we tried. Night!

Doug: Night!

I am pretty much going to drown out of sheer apathy.

Feb. 5th, 2009


So here is the part where I stop caring.

Things I do now:

- Work hard and long in a job I hate

- Apply for jobs and receive a never ending cycle of rejection

- Watch a lot of DVDs and write things with characters my future boyfriend Seth Rogen will play

- Spend time with actual boyfriend who is lovely

Things I will no longer do:

- Chase up friendships

- Pretend to care when I don't

- Think I am no good

The new me? Who cares, I'll get there.



At work the other day a junkie came in to work, stood in front of the glass deli cases, and this unfolded:

Junkie: "Three dollars worth of champagne ham thanks."

Manager: "Ok" *Gets order ready*

Junkie: "Oooohhhrrr, errrhhh..."



I laughed so much I was made to clean it up. Worth it.

Jul. 19th, 2007



Hello LJ,

I seem to only write in this thing when I'm upset or annoyed - but I tried to go to sleep an hour ago and I'm still up and bothered, so hopefully this venting will make me tired.

Y'see...a few months ago a lump was discovered in my breast, and as one Grandmother has already died from breast cancer and my other Grandmother lost her breast to breast cancer, I promptly freaked out. I got some tests done and was told it was a big lump, but it was completely benign and unless it got bigger I wouldn't have to worry. Well, it did get bigger and when my family doctor saw it (I have come to visit my parents for the holidays) she couldn't get over the fact it was left there and called it a 'cancer trap' before booking me in for a mammogram, ultrasound and lumpectomy. So now they have to cut me open, I have to stay a couple of nights in hospital and my somewhat perfect rack will be tarnished forever. What I have is cells constantly forming and sticking together to create lumps, and three have fused together into a 2x2cm lump party in my nork.

I can't pretend I'm not absolutely terrified - my doctor explained to me that I now have to be screened for cancer every year, and I am on a special list because of my age and family history. My boyfriend is trying his best, but he seems to have freaked out himself and doesn't really know what to say except "It'll be alright, I'll be there"...which is nice but it doesn't really comfort me. So I guess all I can do is hope I don't get some lame cancer because I spend too much on my hair and seeing the people in my family with it was the most gutting experience of my life.

I know I'm being dramatic but rah! Leave my boobs alone hospital :(.

Apr. 13th, 2007




Wow, have I really not written in this thing for three months? How neglectful! Anyway, not much has happened but let's put in bullet points what I would have written about in this time:

* Oh my god. After trudging from one end of Newtown to the other and back down again, my friends and I managed to apply for three houses. We needed to move from Tamworth to Sydney in a fortnight. We were screwed.

* Hooray! An agent takes pity on us and gives us a house (which I was yet to see, OMG DUMP ALERT!) Hideously overpriced, but better than sleeping on Town Hall steps.

* See house, it's gorgeous! So homey and everything we need. Very happy. Neighbours overly friendly - opened my shutters to talk to me at 1am. Please die.

* Went back to Uni - changed degrees and forgot to notify anyone of this, even parents. Whoops. So yes, now I am a Screen Production major instead of print media which I found shitfully dull. Screen Production is far superior, and despite a few blockheads is completely perfect for me. I'm v. happy at Uni again and feel as though I'm learning a lot every day. Oooh.

* Tutor for Screen Production has a tattoo of Indiana Jones on his leg. Nerd.

* Still have a job at Woolworths, except now with more deli shifts - I died a little inside when my boyfriend told me I smelled like mortadella. Even worse, it turned him on.

* I bought a Super Nintendo! Hurrah!

* Went to a party, played croquet and bruised my heel. How does one do that with such a refined sporting pursuit? Answer: Due its immeasurable shittiness.

* Met flutish! She's wonderful. I think we're still friends? She told peak hour commuter traffic at Town Hall station that I had really nice boobs...hurr hurr hurr! (Thank you :D)

* Bought a top I wasn't that pleased with, but made up for it by spending Easter weekend with my Granny and Aunt. Not much was done except lots of family talk etc. Oh, I built an Ikea bedside table and dining table AND four chairs. WIN.


Now I am going to Newcastle tomorrow to see the hairy bf and go to a friend's 21st. I have major cramps and all I feel like doing is eating and killing. Hmm.

PS: I have been a really shit friend lately due to general mayhem and forgetfulness. I'm really sorry if I owe you a comment/email/text - I will get right on it (especially with a friendly reminder <3)

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